Welcome to our website! Viewing the creations of Metal Dream Designs - some "personalities" and some abstract, the simplicity of the lines make each sculpture unique and fun. All of them can be placed indoors as part of your home decor or outside on a deck or in your garden. Most of them were created with mild steel and have been treated with high quality rust paint, then clear coated to withstand the weather....Enjoy!

Galley 1 - Available for Sale

Galley 2 - Favorite Sold Pieces

Galley 3 - Custom & Commissioned Art

Gallery 4 - Public & Commercial Art

Gallery 5 - Company Information

Galley 6 - Garden Features & Accents

Galley 7 - Fireplaces, Wine Racks & Candle Holders

Galley 8 - Security & Dividers

Galley 9 - Signs & Hosers

Galley 10 - Gates, Rails & Fencing

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