Custom - Dividers

Each of the beautiful dividers on this page are very different - and created for very different reasons; however, every one enhances the area it occupies and the homes they are in. These pieces were commissioned to create the image the clients had in mind!


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Divider - Goodon's residence

Our divider was created to block the neighbors yard from the view of our deck...created from recycled material with a beautiful design...looks incrediable in the sunshine...

Elisa's Privacy Screen

This stunning image was commissioned as a divider between two decks, enhancing the beauty of nature visible from the owner's deck. The natural color and simplistic lines highlight the piece in the summer and winter.

Custom Work

New York Sun

This was one of the most amazing pieces we have had the pleasure of being involved in. We were commissioned by a Lower Mainland company to create a piece for a Excetive Hotel in New York city...although they wanted to do the finish paint job themselves, we are very proud of the finished project. The "Sun" on this piece was created for viewing from either side of the peice and it will be installed high up in the hotel lobby.

Size: 60" x 48"

Weight: 40 lbs.

Custom Work

Entrance piece with matching fireplace pieces

This beautiful custom piece was created to enchance the client's entrance with matching pieces between 2 rooms next to their fireplace.

Custom Work

Sylvia's pieces

These two sculptures were created for Sylvia's family room...beautiful accent pieces to a beautiful home.

Size: 60" high x 9" wide

Size: 26" high x 18" wide

Custom Work

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