Custom - Fireplace

Fireplaces have always been a special place to relax. Sometimes they even heat our homes. Beautifying them with artwork, either on the fireplace or above it is a great way add a special touch to our home. Enjoy!

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Elisa's Mantle

Elegant contemporary lines, created from mild steel and finished with a nature metal look, this mantle is an excellent addition to their home.

Weighs: 50 lbs.

Mantle size: 63" x 4" wide with 10" high brackets

Fireplace Accents

We created special accent pieces to highlight this fireplace.

Goodon's Fireplace

A little artwork can change a nice mantle to a beautiful fireplace.

Fireplace Doors

A home in Vernon had two amazing fireplaces - the basement fireplace had the perfect set of doors, the second fireplace upstairs needed some. We were commissioned to create a set just like the downstairs doors.

Fireplace Doors - Electric

These doors were built for an electric fireplace including a screen behind the doors.

Fireplace Doors - Wood

These doors were built for a wood fireplace and have a screen attached behind the doors to keep the embers from escaping. Wendy is an amazing artist and wanted something that reflected her sense of style.


This beautiful fireplace front was custom painted to enhance the rock around it. It was created offside so the homeowner can attach his fireplace tools!!

Fireplace Poker

A set of 3 fireplace pokers (one showing here) were created for customerís Christmas gifts to family and friends...what a unique idea!

Weighs approximately 1/2 lb. each.

Size: 40" high x 5" wide each.

Laura's Fireplace

We were commissioned to create a very special accent piece for above this fireplace. It's a work of art that reflects the customer's love of birds.

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