Custom - Garden Features

These are all large feature pieces that would make a perfect focal point for that special spot in your garden!!


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This beautiful arbor seats two for a romantic space in a garden. It was commissioned by a wonderful couple for their amazing view of Lake Okanagan in Vernon.

Size: 84" high x 72" wide x 36" deep

Weight: 35 lbs.

Price: Sold

Arch with gate

This stunning archway with the beautiful gate can be see in our gardens.

Size: 84" x 54" wide

Weight: Unknown

Custom Work

Trellis Biker

This piece were created for an inspirational couple in the Kelowna who ride bikes all over the world. We also created a road sign with the same bicycle design for them as well (see "Signs" webpage).

Weight: Unknown

Custom Work

Calla Arches

This beautiful, unique arch come in two pieces for ease of installation and upon placement, connect with an elegant touch at the top. We also built a railing for this couple a few years later (see "Railings" webpage).

Overall Size: 86" high x 99" wide

Weight: 80 lbs. per side

Price: Sold

Garden Arches

Beautiful garden arches that look great with roses or vines growing up each side. The vines "growing" up the sides and the hummingbird at the top make the archway interesting in the winter time as well as the summer!

Size: 94" long x 48" wide

Weight: 50 lbs.

Price: $655.00


A customer came to us with an idea and we build the legs for his bench...its amazing what you can create with the simplist of material.

Weight: unknown

Size: 48" x 16" wide

Custom work

This bench was created from an old waterbed frame. With the addition of a cloth bench cover and an umbrella, its one of our favorite places to rest in the garden.

Custom work


We were commissioned to create 2 sets of belchers for the kids to sit around the firepit at Camp Arbuckle. The project was commissioned by Patrice at Knox Mountain Metal and the metal was provided by Knox Mountain Metal. There are 5 sections welded together to create a quarter of a circle with high density plastic seating and foot rest. Two sets would seat 15 to 20 children. The belchers were such a success that they commissioned an additional 2 sets

Price: Sold

Japanese Arches

Beautiful archway in a Japanese theme, this piece is a great entrance piece for a home in Kelowna.

It weighs 120 lbs.

Size: 88" high x 102" wide


Jeanie's Archway

Jeanie wanted an archway to carry her roses and clematis. This archway is strong enough to hold them with a simplistic design for her gardens.

Weight: unknown

Size: 72" high x 72" wide


Mike's plant stand

Mike inquired about large plant stands that look like a tree of flowers. On line at The Greenery (Kelowna) are drawings to create these. We modified them to suit the customer and ended up building Mike 3 stands. It was too late in the season to plant them...probably next year and we can update the pictures of the flowers growing.

Size: Unknown

Price: Sold

Ed's Waterfall

The customer created a special space for this custom designed fountain!

Weighs 25 lb.

Size: 60" x 52" wide

Custom Piece

Pierie's Waterfall

The customer was working on a beautiful waterfall and needed just that right piece to aid the water to the we create a piece that fixed that and added to the sound with ripples before it hits the bottom. Wonderful piece!!

Weighs 20 lb.

Size: 72" x 48" wide

Custom Piece

Roger's Lamp Post

Our customer had an old lamp shade that he wanted incorporated with some artwork and a post to hang it on....turned out pretty great!!

Size: Unknown

Price: Sold

Rose Trellis

A simple addition to your garden...great for holding a Rose Climber.

Weighs 1/2 lb.

Size: 60" x 48" wide

Price: Sold

Silver Arches

This beautiful arch found the perfect home enhancing the design elements in this area. The silver arches are very light and airy.

It weighs 40 lbs.

Size: 84" high x 60" wide

Price: Sold

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