Custom - Unusual Projects

Our customers have come up with the most unusual projects and we haven't been stumped yet...Ed is very creative and has experience in many different industries over the years. He is able to understand and create solutions for a variety of projects.


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Wood Stamp

This beautifully crafted swan wood stamp was created for our client's company.

Boat Dock

Our client had a an idea for a boat dock and asked us to create it for him. We built the metal frame and he completed the wood deck.


This cannon was built starting with metal wheels from my father-in-law's farm and wood from an old grainery that was torn has never been for sell as it holds special meaning...

Price: Not for Sale


>Decorative piece created to hold the beautiful flowers you want to leave for your loved one that has passed.


>Your know that boring clock on your wall..well, how about spicing it up a little with a totally different!

Hat Display

This was a customized artwork piece created for a new hat and accessories store in downtown Kelowna. We created the display in the theme of 3 trees with the hats, etc. hanging from them like leaves. They wanted an interesting theme for a unique display and were so happy with the first display that the requested an additional pieces. They loved to tell us stories about the comments they have received from the customer's on their displays.

Size: (original) 9 ft. x 15 ft. (2nd dsiplay) 3 ft. high x 9 ft. long Weighs: 35 lbs.


We have made several kisoks for eletrical panels.

Weighing approximately 20 lbs.

Size: 36" x 30" wide

Custom work

Nail Polish Holder

This charming piece was created to hold nail polish for a lady who worked in a hair salon.

Weighing approximately 2 1/2 lbs.

Size: 20" x 20" wide

Custom work

Spiral staircase

This spiral staircase was built in our own home to replace a large set of stairs that took up the whole entrance. Although the staircase was built to specs, the handrail was custom designed.

Trish's Wedding Tierra

This hair piece was created for a special your lady on her wedding day...the box was created to store this as a keepsake after the wedding.

Weather Vane

This weather vane was created from the image of the customer's beloved friend in mind, his dog.

Size: 50" x 30" wide

Weights: 10 lb.

Price: Sold

Trailer frame and deck

Brian had a trailer with bottom frame only. He wanted to have a frame built for the sides and the solid sides welded to it. He also wanted a frame built for the flooring complete with a metal tube for the wiring underneath.

Trailer redesign

John has a business in the trades and wanted his trailer redesigned to work better for his business. The original design had a tailgate that lowered down in one piece and there were no racks on the sides of the trailer. After building the racks, we split the tailgate in two and attached catches to hook the tailgate to each side so it was out of his way when he was loading and unloading.

Trailer extension

Mark wanted an extension on his trailor to accommodate his ATVs.

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