Functional - Deck Railings and Fences

Hand rails, deck rails and fences are a part of our work usually with a creative, unique design. From beautiful and creative to sophificated and simplistic, we can create them all...Enjoy!

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Arlene's Stair Railing

This unique railing was created to enhance the entrance staircase of a beautiful home and to ensure safety when using the stairs.

Size: 36" high x 144" long

Completion of staircase rails

Our client needed rails created for his staircase to match existing ones partially completed by someone else and asked us to finish it.

Dan's Deck Rails

Our client wanted custom rails made for 180 feet of deck...2 upper decks, 1 hot tub deck and 1 lower deck complete with staircase...the custom hand rail was installed by others.

Charles and Alice's Deck Rails

Each panel in this deck railing has been created with spindles and a special insert of artwork. Additional staircase railings are in the works now and should be up soon (photos to come upon completion).

Decorative top rails

These rails were custom designed, 2 foot high and 36 feet long as a border on the top of a cement retaining wall to give the yard that finished look.

Ginny's Handrail

Ginny purchased an archway designed with canna lilies several years ago from us and wanted to extend the design on a handrail from their home to the lake. This year we were asked to extend the decorative fencing to the top of the property.

Size: 36" x 50 feet long

Inside Deck Railings

The deck railing was created to overlook the family room from the kitchen.

Size: 32 ft.high x 102" wide

Judy's Deck Railing

This deck was the one that started it all...50 ft. of deck railings with a whimsical design that included 14 different fairies made a beautiful and unique deck - suites the client perfectly. We created a gate and address sign with the same theme for the same client.

Size: 50 ft. long x 38" high

June's front entrance

Beautiful entrance piece on her home, simple but elegant.

Custom Work

June's Railing

June wanted an industrial look for her staircase and we created these railings to suite her home...stair railing, deck railing and a hand rail going downstairs.

Custom Work

Karen's staircase and balcony railing

Karen wanted the spindles on her magneficate staircase replaced from wood to metal, the rail panels on the balcony and the post that holds up the balcony. What a beautiful show piece in her home.

Custom Work

Klayton's railing

Our client helped build our new shop and wanted custom panels built for his home. These panels look spectacular between the evergreens. The curved panel was made to match the level of the gates.

Size: 42 ft.high x 48" wide

Laura's gate & fence

They have a beautiful property with a cute little dog who loves to explore. This gate and panel were created to keep the little dog home and made even more with the owner's special glass insert.
Size: 42" long x 48" wide gate

Deck railing

The deck railing was created to overlook the backyard and the lake from the master bedroom.
Size: 24" high x 420" wide

Complete set of custom railing

Our client wanted 8 custom designed panels 6 feet high to be placed between large wooden posts in the front, deck railings and a handicap ramp railings. What a beautiful set this was in an very private setting in the middle of downtown Kelowna.

Madaline's Deck ail

This unique piece was created to keep their dog from running through their rose garden.

Mike's fence

This railing was created on top of a cement retaining wall as a decortive accent. It has a wood top rail to compliment their home.

Monashee Rim Deck Rails

These rails were created to finish the deck on a beautiful new home in Lumby, BC.

Old World Design Hand Rail

Custom created to match the theme of artistic design in their home.

Size: 35" x 120" wide

Revelstoke Rails

These rails were created for a new house in Revelstoke. There were 3 panels on the steps and 1 panel at the top of the staircase. The custom design and handcrafted workmanship in his home are impressive and he wanted the staircase railing to match.

Rosa's hand rails
This is an amazing beach property for gathering the family and they wanted handrails that were beautiful and whimsical created for the stairs going down to the waters edge...swimming anyone!!

Size: 72" long x 42" wide and 96" long x 42" wide

Roxanna's Rail

A beautiful rail was created to enhance the front entrance of their home. This property is a vineyard and vacation/wedding distinction; the railing with the vines, grapes and leaves work well.
Size: 36" high x 60" long

Sabine's Hand Rail

This hand rail was created to enhance the staircase and to ensure safety when going downstairs.
Size: 5" high x 156" long

Sandra's fence

One of the more unusual requests we've had...a two foot high fence for 2 tiny dogs complete with 2 gates. Across the front the customer wanted a wave to set the tone for the new landscaping she wanted. A very special effect!
Size: 24" high

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