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We have created a variety of hand gates and large gates as well. It's always amazing to create unique gates with the client's interests in mind.


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Barnard's Gate

This set of gates was created to keep the neighbors cows off of their property and out of their flowers. We created these gates with a family of quail on them as this was the customerís favorite bird to watch!

Large Gate Size: 132" high x 60" wide

Small Gate Size: 54" high x 58" wide

Bill's gate

This set of gates was originally created for our driveway...Bill purchased them as soon as he seen them even though we had only one side complete. It will create a unique entrance to his amazing ranch.

Size: 60" high x 144" wide

Bren's Gate

This beautiful creation came from colabration with our client, keeping their personallies in mind. A touch of nature with the quail and image of the boat inspired the artist to create it.

Gate Size: 63" high x 51" wide

Doug & Kim's Gates

Largest gates we have created to date at 12 ft 6 in. Very simple lines became elengant on this installation. With the wheels placed below the center of each panel, it becomes functional as well.

Gate Size: 150" high x 66" wide

Donna's Deck Gates and Railing
The hammered look of the spindles in thes gates and deck panel make for a simplistic and beautiful finish to a private deck in Vernon.
Size: 48" long x 48" wide -each gate and the deck panel

Judy's Gate

This gate was created with beautiful fairies in mind which is a lifelong love of our client. We also created a address sign and deck railing in the same theme for this client.
Size: 63" long x 51" wide

Laura's gate & fence

They have a beautiful property with a cute little dog who loves to explore. This gate and panel were created to keep the little dog home and made even more with the owner's special glass inset.
Size: 42" long x 48" wide gate

Latch Hole Cover for gates

Nice finishing touch for his gate...

Size: 5" x 3" wide

Weight: 1/4 lbs.

Price: Sold

Leslie's Gates

The first gate and matching panel was created as the grand entrance to a beautiful property on the lake.

Gate Size: 63" high x 51" wide

Panel Size: 46" high x 50" wide

The second gate is the entrance to a beautiful backyard on the lake.

Size: 76" high x 40" wide

Marie's Gate
This beautiful gate was created for the courtyard of a brand new home in the Mission area of Kelowna. The seond gate was re-worked to fit the backside of the courtyard.
Gate Size: 79" high x 42" wide

Open Leaf Gate

This gate was part of a set created for a customer's deck area. The set included a rock address sign, wall sculpture on their deck and hose holders beside the gate all in the open leaf design.

Size: 38" long x 36" wide

Metal Dream Designs Front Entrance

We created a double gate set plus a hand gate and side panel for the entrance to our studio, gallery, gardens and home. This is a design Ed created years ago and has wanted to build for a long time. It's even more beautiful then his original drawing. Must be seen to be appeciated.

Size: 72" long x 60" wide gates

Sandra's fence

One of the more unusual requests we've had...a two foot high fence for 2 tiny dogs complete with 2 gates. Across the front the customer wanted a wave to set the tone for the new landscaping she wanted. A very special effect!
Size: 24" high

Sidewalk Gate

A small hand gate was required for our sidewalk that our dog could go through whenever she needed to...something decorative and whimsical.
Size: 18" high x 36" wide

Tee Pee Arch With Gate

This stunning archway with the beautiful gate can be see in our gardens.

Gate Size: 84" high x 54" wide

Udo's Gate

These fence panels and gate were created to keep the deer out of their backyard...the design came from matching the doors and architecture of their home.

Gate Size: 48" high x 48" wide

Wood's Gate

This beautiful set of gates was created for a property in Coldstream, BC. The clients wanted elegant but simplitic gates - 2 panels with your initial on each plus a side hand gate.

Main Gate Size: 72" high x 8' wide x 2 panels

Hand Gate Size: 53" high x 25" wide

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