Functional - Security Bars & Screen Doors/Windows

These are not the normal boring security bars and screen doors of the past… Each one has been designed with original artistic images in mind and still the important function of security. We have created security pieces for residential and commercial projects…some are identical for each window in the project and some create a flowing work of art over several windows. We have also created security and screen windows, doors and entrances to enhance the look of the home. Image how an original work of art would look on your entrance and would captivate your visitors. And because it is security “bars”, it will increase the secure feeling within your home. We would love the opportunity of working with you to create a special piece or pieces for your home or office.


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Coldwell Banker

These were created for a commercial building in Kelowna - 32 large windows in all.

Cornerstone Gallery

He has been in business for a long time and after renovations wanted new security windows made. With an artistic design, we created new security bars for his new windows.


Our client needed extra security at their back door on a downtown Kelowna business.

Front Entrance Security BarsWe were so excited creating this project to the client's home so that they can leave the inside door open and have a breeze flow through their home on hot summer days and they are still secure...built out of steel with a mesh attached to the bakck side to keeps the bugs and intruders "out" This was one of our favorite pieces.

Gallery Door

We wanted to create a security screen door for our new gallery with our favorite things in, hummingbirds and the sunshine of the Okanagan...someone see it on this website from Alberta and bought it. Now we have to create a new one for our gallery...oh, well!

Goodon's Security Door

This was created for our entrance door on our home. Its decorative and unique but it's also great for security...we can leave the inside door open in the summer time and have a breeze thru the home overnight.

Grills for Window Wells

Virginia has this big beautiful heritage home that looks amazing and wanted sometime special to cover the big window wells...we created 3 with artwork on the underside to enchance the openings while taking care of security. They are stronger enough to drive over as the bigest one is in her driveway.

June's covers for A/C units and gas meters

Three covers were created for a home in Lake Country...they complimented the style of the home and its owner. They make ugly items like meters and a/c units into features outside of the home. We created several beautiful and unusal pieces for this homeowner, inside railings, doggie door and frame structure for outside of the home (all of the website).

Lake Country Art Gallery

These beautiful window guards work as the security the gallery needs while enhancing the beauty of the gallery. There was 3 large windows on the front and 2 smaller windows on the side of the gallery.

Metal Dream Designs

This door and window were modified to secure our workshop & office. The door was done in a medievil theme complete with a peek hole to identify the person knocking on the other side.

Old World Door - Security Bars

This was a remodel of a door and window purchased by the owner who was looking for a more dramatic look with the old world feel - we changed the look of the door and made inserts for the 2 window panels.

Peter's Security Gates

These security gates truely are a work of art...besides the security factor, they have vines growing up in the middle of both gates and whether they are open or closed, they look amazing! The shadow from the gates on the garage door adds another dimension when the sun is shinning...

Studio Doors

We wanted to create security doors for our new studio that were unique and interesting plus strong...I think we succeeded...

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