Functional - Wine Sets

The majority of our wine racks and gates are custom made with a client in mind...some under the customer's staircase and some in their own little room. We have only one set for sale which can be seen at our gallery. We would love to create more of these in the future.


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Dennis' Gate

This beautiful gate was for Dennis and Brenda's wine room, setup next to his media room...what a great place to entertain...

Gate Size: 80" high x 28" wide

Horseshoe Wine Rack

Great item for your media room or man cave..

Size: 28" x 19" wide

Weight: 4 lbs.

Price: $85.00

Wine Racks

Have you ever seen something like this? It is a great way to display your wine and a wonderful conversation piece. The wine bottles are all held at the right angle so the corks don't dry out. There are 2 wine racks in the set created to be displayed across from each other or side by side. They can be purchased as a pair or separately and they each hold 16 bottles of wine (total of 32)...One piece is displayed in our gallery and the other one is displayed at BluSaffron Bistro in West Kelowna.
Wine Rack Size: 72" high x 58" wide
Weight: Unknown
Price: $525.00 each or matching set (reverse mirror image) for $995.00

Wine Rack

This wine rack was created for the wine country theme at ArtWalk 2008 and has created quit a buzz.
Size: 36" high x 20" wide

Wine Rack

This wine rack is installed under the customer's staircase. It holds 156 bottles of wine and took about 3 weeks to complete. The wine rack was built in 2006. A year later the client came back and wished to have a gate built for the entrance in an old world style.

Size: 96" high x 48" wide

Wine Rack -Contemporary

We created a special wine cellar combination for a customer at "The Lakes" in Winfield. It includes 2 wine racks holding 44 bottles of wine each; a substantial gate and a window (above the gate) in a contemporary old world style.

Wine Rack Size: 72" high x 58" wide

Gate Size: 78" high x 32" wide

Window Size: 18" high x 32" wide

Wine Rack - Goodon residence

This wine rack holder was created to display 2 bottles of wine in our kitchen. The wine bottles are held at the proper angle and make an excellent focal point on our counter.

Wine Rack - Grape

This wine rack in the shaped like a large bunch of grapes and was created for Mindy. She wanted a complete wine room with additional racking and shelving for her wine storage. And it wouldn't have been complete without a interesting gate.

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