Hanging Art - Custom Hardware

These pieces were created using recycled and new materials. Enjoy!

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Door Handles

Unique and solid! These were created in a variety of used and new material. All single handles, most could have a second created if required.

Weight: 2 lbs. each

Price: $40.00 each
Small and elegant door handle
Handles created with chains

Door Handle - Hammer & Axe

Cleverly displayed used hammer and axe make for very unique door handles...great for a shop or studio...Ax door handle has been sold....

Weight: 10 lbs.

Price: $60.00

Elegant Door Handle

These were created as elegant entrance handles, strong, must be seen to be truly appreciated!!! They are a set, one handle on each side of the door.

Size: 36" long

Weight: 3 lb. each

Price: $180.00 set

Skate Door Handles

This is an unique set for a shop or studio!

Size: 12" long x 5" wide

Price: $105.00 set

Slider Door Handles

Great for a shop or garage for security in an old world look.

Size: 4" high x 20" wide

Price: $120.00 set

Wrench Door Handle

Very large and heavy look for a shop or garage.

Size: 26" high x 4" wide

Price: $85.00

Wrench Door Handles

Small and medium sized wrench door handles - each with their own look.

Size: medium 17" high & small 14" high

Price: $65.00 for medium - $48.00 for small

Horseshoe Knockers

Solid sound and interesting design, these cool little door knockers will enhance any door. Worked from recylced horseshoes!

Size: 5" high x 5" wide

Weight: 1 lb. each

Price: $40.00 each

HorseshoeKnocker-thunderbird DoorHorseshoe knocker2 HorseshoeKnocker-western
Horseshoe Knockers HorseshoeKnocker

Horseshoe Hooks

Great for hanging coats, etc. Worked from recylced horseshoes!

Size: 5" high x 5" wide

Weight: 1 lb. each

Price: $20.00 each

Double Horseshoe Hook

Great for hanging coats, etc. in your shop or as a quirky hook in your washroom.

Size: 8" high x 8" wide

Weight: 2 lb. each

Price: $25.00 each

Industrail Hook

A more industrial look to your decor.

Size: 5" high x 8" wide

Weight: 1 lb. each

Price: $25.00 each

3 hooked wrench

With 3 hooks on this wrench, it would be a great look for a commercial shop or workshop.

Size: 4" high x 17" wide

Weight: 3 lb. each

Price: $40.00 each

Horseshoe Wine Rack

Great item for your media room or man cave..

Size: 28" x 19" wide

Weight: 4 lbs.

Price: Sold

Latch Hole Cover for gates

Nice finishing touch for his gate...

Size: 5" x 3" wide

Weight: 1/4 lbs.

Price: Sold

Rosa' Handle

After creating railings for down by the lake on their property, she needed one last handle to help her....this one was attached to the tree on the last step.

Rustic Handles

These rustic handles can be created for a variety of doors and sizes.

Custom work - prices vary

Rustic Window

This rustic window wa created for our studio doors.

Custom Work - Example

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